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February 16, 2012
A very famous picture of the 1988 "Guide to the top of the mountain a revolution pects” (central part)

A very famous picture of the 1988 "Guide to the top of the mountain a revolution pects (central part)

February 11, 2012

In Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK, on the banks of the River Taedong, is the world’s tallest stone tower height of 170 meters. This is a monument of the Juche Idea, on top of which - a composition depicting a flaming torch.

The monument, which symbolizes the greatness of the immortal Juche idea, created by Kim Il Sung, the founder of socialist Korea, opened in April 1982 on the occasion of his 70th birthday. In his compositions - a tower with a torch, standing in front of her sculptural ensemble featuring the main theme of the three figures - the worker, peasant and intellectual, are on both sides of his sculptural group of the auxiliary threads, gazebos, as well as standing in the middle of the river are two large fountains, etc. .

The height of the pedestal and the obelisk of white granite - 150 meters. The front side of the pedestal - a stone plaque with an ode in honor of the achievements of President Kim Il Sung. Graphically depicted on the pedestal 70 kimirsenhva flowers and magnolias, which symbolizes his 70th birthday. The left and right sides of the pedestal shows large baskets of flowers. Wall space arched at the back of the pedestal faced with more than 250 tiles from the rare and valuable stones, sent by heads of state, politicians and public figures, the adherents of the Juche Idea from 82 countries worldwide. On the front and rear sides of the obelisk clearly shows the word “주 체” («Juche”). The height of the torch, made of red glass - 20 meters. Before the obelisk - a sculptural ensemble featuring three figures - the worker, peasant and intellectual, which are raised high in the hands of the hammer, sickle and kist.Skulpturnye of supporting themes that stand on either side of the tower represent the successes of the slave, Kim Il Sung, the Korean people, under the banner of progress achieved Juche idea. Images steelmaker with a wireless phone in hand, a miner with a hammer, and weavers of cloth with a pattern of colors show the process of transformation of Korea, the former colonial and backward agrarian country into a powerful socialist industrial state. It is multi-dimensional sculpture that reflects the reality of socialist Korea, where the system is implemented universal free health care and universal system of 11-year free compulsory education. There is one that portrays the powerful force of self-defense created by strengthening the military forces. All the sculptural group of the auxiliary threads lively artistic way represent the great victory of the Juche idea.

Harmony of large and small fountains set off even more plastic depiction of the Monument of the Juche idea. Two major fontanovyh complex symmetric stirred in the middle of the river before the Taedong obelisk, raised silver jets of water up to 150 meters high. Falls from the spray, water mist and reflected on it fit perfectly into a rainbow shape vysyaschegosya obelisk by the river. And a kind of water jet sprays from the fountain in front of groups supporting multifaceted sculptural themes perfectly in tune with the components of the monument.

The area of ​​the monument, planted trees of good species, shrubs and flowers, makes the whole park. The two pavilions on either side of his artistic and sculptural multiply the beauty of the monument.
Landscape in this zone and the day is beautiful, its beauty and in the evening even more enchanting. At the top of the obelisk like a huge torch burning, and the word “Juche” in the Korean language is highlighted with white light searchlight installations. Around the obelisk glow lamps in different shapes, the reflection of light on the waves of the river Taedong recalls the descent of the night sky of countless stars in the water.

Fireworks, disclosed this on the birthday of President Kim Il Sung and other public holidays, a highly decorated with nighttime panorama of Monument Zones ideas chuchhe.Monument visited by numerous foreign guests. So, until the end of 2010 there have visited more than 2,096,500 foreign visitors and a lot of Koreans. In September 2011 the former president of Indonesia and the general chairman of the Democratic Party of Indonesia, Megawati Sukarno fight Putri here in the book for the guests left the words: “The monument of the Juche idea - the creation of this magnificent monumental … The spirit of Juche kindled as never quenched the torch”

February 11, 2012
Moon Won. “The rich autumn”

Moon Won. The rich autumn”

February 11, 2012
Moon Won. "Seeds”

Moon Won. "Seeds

February 11, 2012
Un Kyong Bae. "The rich harvest of reeds”

Un Kyong Bae. "The rich harvest of reeds

February 11, 2012
Kim Jeong-Won, Kim Kyong-shik. “Terraced fields”

Kim Jeong-Won, Kim Kyong-shik. Terraced fields

February 11, 2012
Che Chong Son. “On the plateau there was a rich harvest of Paektu”

Che Chong Son. On the plateau there was a rich harvest of Paektu

February 11, 2012
Lee Joon Ho. "The joy of a rich harvest”

Lee Joon Ho. "The joy of a rich harvest

February 11, 2012
Che Kwang Doo. "Since the spring of life abounds”

Che Kwang Doo. "Since the spring of life abounds

January 25, 2012
"Again, a rich harvest!”
We continue to get acquainted with an original Juche art, simultaneously revealing the above mentioned theme of “Kim Il Sung and pigs”Today, under the heading “pattern in the environment,” a painting Po Chun Ho "Again, a rich harvest.” '67 Juche (1978), 197 x7 9 cm

"Again, a rich harvest!”

We continue to get acquainted with an original Juche art, simultaneously revealing the above mentioned theme of “Kim Il Sung and pigs”

Today, under the heading “pattern in the environment,” a painting Po Chun Ho "Again, a rich harvest.” '67 Juche (1978), 197 x7 9 cm

January 18, 2012
 great Juche canvas artist Kim Sang Jik "Love is in the mountain village.” '66 Juche (1977), see 225x176The film tells the real episode that took place during the heroic anti-Japanese war under the leadership of Kim Il Sung

great Juche canvas artist Kim Sang Jik "Love is in the mountain village.” '66 Juche (1977), see 225x176

The film tells the real episode that took place during the heroic anti-Japanese war under the leadership of Kim Il Sung

January 10, 2012

Art, guided by the principles of Juche

Recently, the theater is very popular joint product of the Art Ensemble “Mansudae" and creative association “Mansudae" - sand painting with music. Unlike painting, crafts, calligraphy, and other genres of fine art in the creation of this painting and sand used projector: the melody of music artist paints a picture of the sand on the glass, and the camera or projector reproduces it on the screen. As we know, this kind of art appeared recently.

In order to diversity the performing arts in accordance with the appearance of a burgeoning day by day art, which is guided by principles of Juche Korea, artists have created audiovisual works that show the monumental architectural developments and a large orchestra plays znacheniya.Na scene involving dozens of artists, and the melody on the screen product called “Longing for the commander.” In the musical includes songs such as “Where are you, my dear Commander?”, “Tell me a long journey of Songun”, “feeling melancholy”, telling about the anguish of the people of the country’s leader Kim Jong Il, who continues a long journey of Songun. However, the screen opens the relevant thematic content and melodies of songs images - “the Pyongyang Railway Station”, “Chol Pass”, “A wave in the steel Songanskogo association …”

List of new products updated. Among them - the film “Love is a soldier of the Motherland”, depicting a soldier, a rolling river of stones, powers the boy’s hand, and the film “My Favorite”, reflecting the life of a friendly suprugov.V creation of audiovisual works the method of drawing with a brush without causing loops inherent in traditional Korean painting. Live pictures showing the contrasting details of life, differing high artistic value, always made the people a great impression.

Here is part 2:

January 10, 2012

Painting by Song Ho wook ”” Trophy - freight truck punitive detachment. “Juche '67 (1978)size 107x157 cm

Painting by Song Ho wook ”” Trophy - freight truck punitive detachment. “Juche '67 (1978)
size 107x157 cm

January 1, 2012

the Year of the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung in North Korea opens wide the doors to the building of a mighty and prosperous nation.

We also express our desire to achieve and our readers in the next year the quality of revolutionary change in their homeland, including the further improvement of living conditions.

All success and revolutionary romanticism!

The following is a small art gallery devoted entirely to military leader, with a story about how Kim Jong Il to the last great living by the march led sverhnapryazhennogo at the forefront of the general offensive of 2011.

And this year, Kim Jong Il has continued with increasing energy of the inspection trip to the places to brilliant victories in the procession of the great lift to glorify the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung as a great national triumph.

He visited the office on homeland defensive line, including joint exercises and guide the Army, Navy and Air Force KPA tenfold the power of the idea of ​​the impact of priority TPC arms and military affairs.

In May and August, without sleep, overcoming vast fields of China and Russia, made a solid contribution to the prosperity of the motherland and the implementation of the independent cause of humanity.

For his great foreign policy marches in the tens of thousands if not break, followed by an inspection trip to the area Hichhona.

The transformation under his leadership Hichhonskogo engineering association “Felix” in the engineering plant of the world has an equal caliber to the industrial revolution in the new century, the value it has shown the world the face of our economy in an era of economic znaniy.On this year the first step guidance on site visits to the base production of glass bottles, followed by visiting workers Songhai, persuaded them to iron truth - putting the appropriate our economy our criteria framework is absolutely the right path for her.

In May of this year he again visited the chemical giant in Namhyne, in June last year he was there, so put an end to a system of production of chemical fertilizers on the basis of naphtha.

In this non-stop long-haul routes - Biological Department of the State Academy of Sciences, and factories in North Phyongan Province, including the engineering base in Rakvone, where, at its discretion make modern machine tool factory, equipped with high-level system of CNC machine - tool production line .

He visited four times the working Rensonskogo engineering associations and Vinalonovogo association named on February 8, repeatedly leaving traces of saints and leadership at the building site in the gasification process Hynname, the rates contributed to the creation of new Chollima, rates Korei.Ego guidance on site construction works Tanchhonskogo port was an historic moment, which began with the fully put into practice the determination, stating that the decision of Korea - the case.

Unfading his inspection trip lasted throughout the factories in the area Tanchhona, exemplary agricultural cooperatives in the coastal region of the East Sea, Renchzhonskomu and fruit-growing Toksonskomu hozyaystvam.V the July inferno at the exhibition of goods in Pyongyang department number 1, he gave valuable advice on the further development of light industry in the country and improving the work on commercial services.

On his orders, had erected a modern store 6 months “meat” on the street Pothonmun, visited him. Pointed out to build more bases of vegetable production, as Pyongyang Research Institute vegetables year-round population is supplied with fresh vegetables.

Under his leadership, the union turned Tedonganskoe fruit-growing in Arcadia in the Songun era, grew up like mushrooms after a rain date plodopererabatyvayuschy complex, livestock facilities, net-making base.

Traces of his leadership left to livestock, fish farming, fruit-growing base across the country, including Tudanskaya duck farm, fish farm Kuchzhanskaya, fruit-growing economy Kosanskoe etc.

He directed the construction works on site in residential area Mansudae to the 100th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, the capital of Pyongyang to turn into a sublime and beautiful city of world caliber, which has consistently townspeople armed with a revolutionary outlook on vozhdya.I in the last days of his life he visited the Musical Information Center, “Khan” and the shopping center in the area Kvanbok very glad that they were able to contribute to improving people’s lives. He took steps to supply the citizens of the capital tasty fish.

Leader Kim Jong Il has continued incessantly path management in place to implement the ideals of the people, superhuman effort to overcome spiritual and physical fatigue, and too suddenly died on the way a service inspection on the train without seeing the power and prosperity of socialist Korea, which he so craved, that already gorizonte.Stradaya of the greatest national prison, army and people across the country with every fiber of the soul keenly felt, under the guidance of a distinguished leader and they went on Hoveyan path of victory and glory, which was dedicated to the inspection trip to the places to create a durable power base and Prosperity.

December 28, 2011

Seeing the final journey of Kim Jong Il in these sad, hard times people in the bitter grief and remember the time like 17 years ago.

Then, after losing the Father of the Nation, President Kim Il Sung, the Party, army and all the people monolithically united around leader Kim Jong Il and a unanimous burst of brilliantly managed to go through years of grueling march and forced march, fully thinking of the future outlined above objectives.

Today, Kim Jong-eun represents a point of Cohesion and crystallization efforts not only of the Korean nation, but all the best people in the world. We must give him full support for his great revolutionary ideas to further enhance not only the DPRK, as Citadel unshakable socialism, but also for an even more striking example of all people, have taken the path of knowledge of this freedom and independence.

Today, under the heading “pattern in the environment,” Honored Artist of the great panorama Joo Won Song, “July Days of 1994
'85 Juche (1996)

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